From the terminal of Spi


A somewhat ordinary guy, sometimes playing this extraordinary shark. At least, that's what I think he is. <3

Welcome to the little corner of The Grid, housing the shark variously known as Spi, SP-1 Alpha, "that ****ing beepshark thing" :P, whatever - and the player behind it.

The player behind Spi is a relatively intelligent 35-year-old Australian, that finds it somewhat difficult to describe himself in a couple of sentences. :P As for Spi... well, I've had some form of shark as my avatar for close to 18 years, between intelligent plain-sharky and kinky cybershark. I've probably been in this furry thing too long, hehe. 😩

I don't have too many intended uses for this site yet. I am likely to use it to write down stuff that is too large to be written in a few multiples of 280 characters on my Twitter, as well as a few other things. I dunno! I've written the site to be relatively free-form, so we'll see how it goes.