From the terminal of Spi

Art of Spi

I can't say I have a lot of artistic flair myself, so I am indebted to those artists who I've been able to commission, and those who have felt to draw Spi out of their own kindness, especially since I started with this cybershark character in 2012. (I didn't really commission anything with previous incarnations of Spi/Spikeda, so you won't see any here. Down the track, I'm sure you'll see stuff with Spi 3.0, but that'll take time.)

I don't commission all that often, so this art page is relatively manageable as one list. Click on the thumbnail or the title to go to the relevant art site (probably Fur Affinity in most cases) where you can give the artist some love. 💙

Spi Plush gift art, by Kess (2020)

During one of my times when I was spending time away from Spi, I moonlighted as one of those "Blåhaj" shark plushes that you get from Ikea. (I want one one day, not sure why I don't yet!) Kess got some inspiration and gifted me a pic of a cute little cybershark plush. I've grown attached to it and want to use it more often! It's all cute and soft and cuddly and d'aww.

Bathurst 1000 co-driver commission, featuring Scani, by Raf (2020)

A more recent commission featuring a long time cardinal gryphon friend. Raf specialises in motorsports art, and we decided we wanted some sort of "co-drivers" pic. With Scani a Supercars fan and myself Australian, naturally that means enduro season, and the time-honoured Bathurst 1000 race on Mount Panorama. This pic tries to catch the tension of the last driving stint, myself out of the car and listening in to the radio on the headset and providing encouraging words, while Scani guides the car - based loosely on the Triple Eight Engineering Holden Commodore - down the hill and through the famous Dipper corner.

Spi gift art, by JB Wolf-Dragon (2019)

A nice piece of gift art done by an Australian friend, nice and dynamic. :-) This was originally put together with a background of a NES 6502 assembly cheat sheet - probably appropriate given my real-life age - but I preferred the solid background.

Spi headshot icon, by Faun (2019)

A stock-standard lineless headshot commission from Faun. Sometimes I see an artist's style around quite a bit and wonder who actually does them - this is one of the rare cases where I actually found out. "Stock-standard" kinda understates it a little - Faun did an amazing job with it. Highly recommended.

Cuddles and Coffee with a Helhound, featuring Skuld, by Nanukk Luik (2018)

My first "full illustration" commission, and shared with a UK helhound friend of mine. We catch up with each other pretty much every afternoon my time (morning their time) and the topic often turns to me nosing over a coffee and Skuld hiding in my bed sheets... 😳 So what better than show us snuggling up in bed together?

Spi reference sheet, by Nanukk Luik (2018)

It was about time to get a reference sheet of the new Spi after about five years. I tasked Nanukk with the job, took the ideas from the first couple of pics and extended the concept to a full body. Well worth it.

Spi headshot (CBRFUR sponsor art), by Lady Rain (2016)

This was part of a set of avatars Lady Rain did as a sponsor perk for the CBRFUR Canberra meet/mini-con in 2016 - we got a badge and a shirt out of it too. This was notable for being the first version of Spi to include the headset-like eardomes.

Spi original cybershark badge, by mmikio (2013)

This is where it started - the first time the cybershark was drawn, as part of an offer for badges for FurJam 2013 - Sydney's annual weekend-long furmeet. Mmikio took a relatively vague description and came up with this - and the rest is history. Mmikio did other badges for FurJam 2013 too.