From the terminal of Spi

October's state of the Spi.


I really should write more. It's been... what, five months since the last blog post.

Sad to say, I was in a bit of a funk for much of that time. But then, with everyone in the grips of Covid and unable to do practically anything, I think everyone was.

I know all the restrictions on travel especially bit me. This was a year when I was about to embark on my World Domination Tour (tongue firmly planted in cheek), with a return trip to Canada followed by a much longer trip that would've taken me to Japan and Scandinavia, among other places. That pretty much unravelled come March, and before long we were at a point where we couldn't even leave our own homes. Even now, seeing countries grapple with balancing health outcomes with economic outcomes (and not being able to get much of either - as Daniel Andrews kept reminding us, it's hard to have an economic recovery when corona is on a rampage...), reminds us that travel isn't always the greatest idea in these times.

But all the limitations kinda leave people like me with work as the only thing they can grasp on, especially when their home hobbies aren't really developed - and that can be a really bad way to be. I don't recommend it.

I managed to escape to the north of New South Wales instead over the past month. I would have loved to have gone over the border to Brisbane, to see some of my family, maybe catch up with workmates over a pub lunch. But instead I get a photo of the border control in the centre of the Tweed Heads/Coolangatta border, a line that I probably shouldn't cross lest I be hit with a $4,000 fine. 😛 Still, northern NSW is a place I have never really seen in my lifetime, so it was great to be able to knock that off my bucket list. Left me pretty exhausted after almost 3,000 km of driving though. The car probably loved it - poor thing doesn't get used nearly often enough.

As I write this, people from my state have been allowed back into SA and the NT, for the time being... Queensland might take a little longer, but give it a couple of months (and an election) to change things. :P Things might look a little more up from that standpoint soon. Border declarations will be a bit annoying, but I guess it all helps. We're still in a much better way than we're seeing elsewhere, so there is probably plenty to be thankful for.

Things are looking a little more up closer to home - probably enough that I could be moved to write this. With World Mental Health Day just passed, it's a reminder that the battle is still a lifelong journey, and there will be ups and downs. Right now, I have to savour the good feelings while they come. They won't last forever, but that's fine.

What about on the furry front? I started umming and aahing about cybershark again at one point - feeling that with the workaholic madness, that I'd become the wrong kind of robot myself. But as I've said before, Spi is not the problem. At times he has more emotions than me!

I would like to get art of what I was calling "Spi 3.0" at some point, but that time is not now. I like the concept of a program and his owner, just like it's supposed to be in the Tron-verse. Its time will come.

I was also reminded of a much more toony self, drawn by someone from back in my Sonic fandom days (the date she had was a little later, though still close to a decade ago). I was a lot more innocent back then, haha.

I'm already quite disconnected from the Australian fandom, but the pandemic doesn't help in that respect either - because all the events, naturally, are called off. We would have had an inaugural Aurawra convention, as well as FurJam, in Sydney by now - but even having 50 people camped around café seating on a coffee night is a bit fraught with difficulty right now, what with the 1 per 4m² rule and all. Discouraged from giving hugs to each other - the archetypical furry gesture. (Jury is out on whether fursuits provide adequate protection. Probably not. :P)

It's probably safe now to catch up with my closest local friends, and now things have settled down to a low level, I can probably catch up with some of them 1-on-1. So we'll see about that I guess.

I know this site is a bit useless at the best of times, but I really should throw a blog or something up a bit more often than once every five months. Often I just have nothing to talk about. Rolling up the best of Twitter or something is an option, I guess. But when I'm in a good mood like this, it's nice to get out the prose and write 280 words (and more) rather than 280 characters at a time. And in this medium, going a little over's usually okay.

For now, take care, and be kind. :)

~ Spi 💙💙